Machine Learning and IoT Sensors.

Monitoring, Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance using Artificial Intelligence to the best Industries.

Which are the current solutions for Maintenance ?

We can summarize the solutions found on the market in 3 main categories. It is important to note that they are progressive, it means that the offer of AIQuatro - Prescriptive Maintenance - naturally contains the most complete solutions package included.

  • Monitoring is the real time field data collection and remote display, our solutions allow you to set alarms several personalized alarms and limits, and configure warnings. It can show different types of variables, measurements and devices, all in one place, forget keep monitoring several systems from several manufactures looking for data that are related to each onther on the shop floor. Simplify you monitor.
  • Predictive Maintenance adds to the monitoring, the Intelligence to predict trends, with AIQUatro you can configure how this calculation will be performed according the specificity of your manufacturing process, a complete customized solution to fit your needs. Make clear the prediction in order to allow you work in advance.
  • Prescriptive Maintenance it is the most advanced tool you can find, it is used conditioning maintenance like spectral analysis, but it is able to cross different types of sensors and trends and link to failure modes and failure models, making early failures prescription a reality, to identify When and How the equipment will fail. Take the doctor to your equipment and have a prescription to early avoid stops and production is now a reality.

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What AIQuatro solution is different?

We work with Prescriptive Maintenance, plus, there are has several advantages we offer to our customers:

  • Complete Access to sensors data is crucial to you start generate a solid DataBank about your process and machines, "Data is the new gold", save your for the future.
  • No gateways, our sensors connect directly with your wifi network, making the instalation and the maintenance simpler, easier and with lower investments.
  • You can use your current sensors, there are no need to have a huge investment to enter in the new era of maintenance, plus, we are able to make you run both systems (AIQuatro and current) simultaneously; reduce the initial investments, risks and implementation speed.
  • Several typs of variables and measurements can be monitored all in one place plus, can be all used in the A.I. analysis.
  • We are able to Identify simultaneous Failure modes in progress, allow you to plan and provide the need resources ahead the maintenance stop of the failure occurence.

Contact us to talk more about our solution and how we will fill your needs. After having AIQuatro's solution you will say to yourselve "all companies should be like this"


We give you more

Complete Access to the Sensors Data

"A sensor to call mine" this is how our customers handle our sensors, you can use and send the data wherever you want, use our services if you wish, or not, it`s up to you!

No longer be held hostage to a subscription due a purchased hardware : "data is the new currency", you must have your data to extract maximum value from it, today and in the future, we give you freedom, data, choice and the best hardware.

No Gateways

Forget having to invest in equipment just to communicate with the sensors, it adds useless cost and complexity; more equipment to install, maintain and update. We have sensors that connect directly to your network. Easy, Fast and Simple.

Use your installed Sensors

We are sure you might have good sensors around your facility, you don't need to throw away and replace it, ew have equipment that can collect several kinds of signals and technology and transmit to our cloud, just replace what you really need at your time.

Additionally the benefits of reduce investments to run our new technology, you can also run your current monitoring system and AIQuatro system simultaneously, giving you time and reducing risks.

Complete Access to the A.I. Analysis

If you think it is too good have access to the sensor data, we give you much more, we give you access to all calculations results and A.I. data analysis that you purchase, you can download, save and use wherever you wish, this is the true meaning of Transparency and Access.

Today there are a set of tools you can use with these data, but, we can't predict what kind of technologies we will have to use, and we know that a data lake as rich as the data we provide is priceless for your company future.


Opex or Capex

Buy or Rent Sensors

You have both options:

Buy a sensor: you can send the data to wherever you want, own server, other services or to AIQuatro Cloud, it is yours, you decide how you use it.

Rent a sensor: with all the benefits and services included, if you wish, we keep it updates, calibrated and monitor it health for you, just worry about how to get even more value from the data you get from it!

SaaS on Cloud Service

We work on a Freemium principle, you can direct ous sensors (if you wish) to the AIQuatro Cloud and see or download the raw data for free, if you wish to purchase engineering feature services, monitor, alarms, predictive or prescriptive services, you can choose and pay for what make sense for you business, keep the costs low and focusing on get the most value from the solution.

Saas on Dashboard

We also work on a Freemium principle: You can see the raw data and download it for free, but you also can create exclusive frames and functionalies for you industry, frames for GPS tracking, Industry Layout, personalize equipments, etc. We are here to give you the best solution to visualize your data, coming from our sensors or from third parties.

Learn more about AIQuatro solution

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